How to Get Alexa Meta verification code again

Get your meta verification code again,Google webmaster,Bing and yahoo!  Some Time we forget or lose our site meta verification code key. And we do not know how to get these keys again. Here Is Solution For It Just Follow Some Simple Steps to Find your Meta verification code again.

How get your meta verification code

Get your meta verification code again,Google webmaster,Bing and yahoo!

First go and login your account.
Now go to Here “” and now put your site Home page URL here.
After that Select Your Plan. Select Intro plan it’s Free if you want to do claim your site. And want Much More Select other Plans Those Plans Are chargeable.

You Choose (Option 2: to Add your Alexa Meta verification Code to home page of your site or Blog.) Copy Claim Site verification ID meta code.

Leave this window open And open Another tab For you hosting site or server where your site is hosted.
Now login your Administration account and put that code there. If You Use WordPress Hosting or Platform you can use any seo software plugin to use these codes. If you are not use WordPress put this code in under <head>  and save it .

(Your verification ID will be in a tag like this on your site:
<meta name=”keywords” content=”Android,Mobile,phones,Plans,Review,icfE1PnHJ041h-Wlt93-dgSGm6k” /> )

Go On Now Go back to Alexa Tab and press the button “Verify my ID” .

On above meta Code you see keywords “keyword, keyword2,keyword3“, you should switch out with three keywords that describe what your Website or blog about (in my case, I chose “tricks” and “phones“,Remember use the words without double quotation marks).

After Click on Verify my ID Just wait a few minutes for it work. I am almost certain this method will not work for private networks.

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If You Facing problem you can contact via comment resolve you problem..

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